This is my first shot at a Commander/EDH deck. Infect has always been one of my favorite things (I'm a Phyrexian kind of guy), and I thought I'd throw it in commander. Any suggestions would be nice.

Welcome to Phyrexia. Our goal is simple: Spread our influence in anyway possible, whether it be big or small, fast or slow. And with our army, resistance is futile. Bow down to our new Father of Machines. Welcome to Phyrexia. This. Is. Perfection.

I'm very very VERY new to EDH, so any advice would be nice, and possibly a general run-through of the come's and go's of EDH.

I also want to stick with the Phyrexia flavor of the deck too, but if I have to break it I will. But sticking to the flavor would be preferable.


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