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Phyrexian Hatred

Casual* Aggro Infect



Infect aggro: destroy your friendships in two turns flat!

Win Conditions:

Assuming you have a turn 1 Glistener Elf, you can win with a few different combos on turn two, such as Invigorate + Phytoburst , Assault Strobe + Invigorate or Berserk + Groundswell or just spam Mutagenic Growth if you have multiple of those.

For budget:~$40


All Lands--->Forest



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This deck is Casual legal.

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Avg. CMC 1.62
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1 year ago)

+4 Mutagenic Growth main
+3 Necropede main
-4 Cathedral of War main
+4 Invigorate main
-2 Livewire Lash main
+3 Groundswell main
+4 Phytoburst main
+4 Ichorclaw Myr main
+2 Gemstone Mine main
+4 City of Brass main
-3 Forest main
+1 Inkmoth Nexus main
-4 Blight Mamba main
+4 Apostle's Blessing main
+4 Assault Strobe main