dedicated multiplayer mill deck headed by Phenax that tries to mill all opponent's in a symmetrical fashion. most cards in the "mill" section hit all opponent's on the table. (except for Fleet Swallower , Keening Stone and Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker but they are too good to pass up on). win conditions include milling people with phenax by exploiting high toughness on our creatures Bonehoard , Mortivore , Nighthowler , Wight of Precinct Six; via a good old Rise of the Dark Realms; or the occasional lethal hit by Guiltfeeder. additionally wrath effects fill the graveyards and reset the board should we get behind. also some defensive cards to make attacking us less interesting. Baleful Strix , Propaganda , Stinkweed Imp , Vampire Nighthawk. the deck gets stronger the longer the game lasts and wins quite often via mill using phenax's ability. - 17.5.2018

please don't suggest cards i can find via EDHREC, i know how to use it. ;)


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