Now to start, we can't necessarily expect to win against a player piloting a deck built for the rigors of cEDH, and milling can lead to some, "feels bad man," moments depending on your outlook or that of your playgroup. But when you do win via milling it can lead to a satisfying victory that is not easy to obtain, especially against certain cards or 'graveyards matter' decks.

Now this Phenax deck will appear to be fairly standard to some, but our steps towards winning (or at least disrupting our opponents) are:

1) Cast relatively cheap, high toughness creatures for protection and value.

2) Cast our general mills cards to begin the process of grinding away at our opponents' libraries.

3) Cast Phenax, God of Deception and let the milling process go into overdrive as we tap our creatures just before our turn begins.

We also have a number of combos at our disposal that can pave the long road to victory, again pretty standard to those who have done their research or piloted Phenax personally:

And finally, we have two potential heavy-hitters in Guiltfeeder and The Haunt of Hightower who can quickly become a nightmare for our opponents.


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