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Pfft...I've been Zubera since before you were born

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I've been trying to figure out how to make something with Zubera since I first played Kamigawa.

This deck is build around sacrificing Zubera to Evolutionary Leap. The main ones I use are: Dripping-Tongue Zubera and Floating-Dream Zubera. Assume I have one of each in play, and I sacrifice both to Leap, I'll draw 2 cards, get 2 1/1 critters, and get the next two creatures out of my deck. Not a bad deal.

I'll just play those two new creatures I evolved for, and sacrifice them to Evolutionary leap, and hope to overwhelm the opponent with value from the Zubera death triggers. Zubera are much better when dying in bulk at instant speed.

Then, I'd hope to Immortal Servitude with X=2 to return all the Zubera to play, or Dawn to return them to my hand. I can also play Uncage the Menagerie with X=2 to tutor up 2 Zuberas. Since it's a "tribal" deck with an obscure tribe, we need every chance to tutor.

So, where is this deck going to fail? Are Zubera still terrible?

++Do I need different sacrifice outlets?

Can this even be made into a modern-viable deck?


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