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Persistent Combo-Devoted Druid: The Awakening

Modern* BGW (Abzan, Junk) Collected Company Infinite Combo



As a long time fan of the Melira, Sylvok Outcast combo-deck, I've always been looking for ways to make the deck more competitive. As it turned out, the solution came with Amonkhet block and the introduction of an unassuming uncommon by the name of Vizier of Remedies. I've been pretty slow to adopt the newest iteration of the Abzan combo decks that have persisted in Modern, but as the format speeds up, efficiency and consistency have become key. Though I have spent years perfecting my Melira combo-deck (Persistent Combo-Melira's requiem: the reckoning), I acknowledge the effectiveness of the new wave of combo strategies. Without further delay, here is: Persistent Combo-Devoted Druid: The Awakening!

The primary combo of this deck revolves around the interaction with Vizier of Remedies and Devoted Druid. Devoted Druid Taps for a single Green Mana, but can give itself a -1/-1 Counter to Untap. Vizier of Remedies reduces the number of -1/-1 Counters your creatures receive by 1, meaning you can generate infinite Green Mana! With this infinite Mana, you can win in a couple of fashions. A: With infinite Mana, play a really big Walking Ballista and one-shot your opponent. B: Play Duskwatch Recruiter   and with infinite Mana, use its ability enough times to find Ballista and win. C: Use Chord of Calling to find Recruiter, get Ballista, and win. Rhonas the Indomitable also works, as with infinite Mana, you can give all of your creatures infinite power and Trample!

As a backup, this deck also runs the Viscera Seer, Kitchen Finks combo. Vizier of Remedies negates the -1/-1 counter placed on Finks by the Persist mechanic. Coupled with a sacrifice outlet, you gain infinite life. Incredibly, this doesn't always guarantee victory, so be sure to use the infinite Scry off of Viscera Seer to find another wincon (assuming your opponent can win through infinite life).

To achieve this end as quickly as possible, this deck run six Mana-Ramping creatures. Birds of Paradise fixes mana well and can chump large Flying threats later in the game. Noble Hierarch can tap for the majority of the deck's color requirements, and also buffs attackers. Hierarch's Exalted trigger also lets our 0-power creatures sneak under Ensnaring Bridge!

To power out our creatures as fast as possible, while also digging for our combo-pieces, we run four Collected Company and four Chord of Calling. While CoCo can get out multiple creatures quick, it isn't nearly as versatile as Chord. Chord of Calling can search up combo-pieces or utility creatures at instant-speed! The Convoke mechanic allows Chord to paid for easily in a pinch. Chord becomes even stronger during side-boarding, as we board in further utility creatures.

For utility, Tireless Tracker is good on the attack, growing bigger over the course of the game, and also provides a steady stream of card-advantage. Scavenging Ooze is a powerful graveyard-hate card that grows into big threat while also gaining you life. Knight of Autumn is an awesome new multi-purpose tech card from Return to Return to Ravnica that can hate on artifacts/enchantments, heal against burn, or beat down as a 4/3. (Walking Ballista has no base Power/Toughness, so don't accidentally Chord it up!)

In the land slot, two Horizon Canopy provide two of our three colors, but can also act as a redraw when you are flooding out, or just need to dig for better cards. Gavony Township lets you go on the aggressive. With a board full of creatures off of CoCo, Township can quickly turn your board into a serious threat. During a board-stall, Gavony can grow your creatures over your opponents, turning 0/1 Birds of Paradise into powerful blockers and attackers!

For the sideboard, two Eidolon of Rhetoric to counter Storm, Kataki, War's Wage and two Qasali Pridemage to fight Artifact decks, and Orzhov Pontiff to counter go-wide strategies. Two Path to Exile and Abrupt Decay for added removal, two Remorseful Cleric for graveyard hate, two Sin Collector to remove threatening spells or combo-pieces, and finally Selfless Spirit to fortify our board against mass-removal.

Please feel free to leave suggestions!


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I've cut down the number of Duskwatch Recruiter  Flips in the deck to three so I can run a Knight of Autumn in the main and keep my two Qasali Pridemage s in the Sideboard. That being said, I'm still on the fence about what the proper balance of Knight of Autumns to Pridemages should be.

I'd love to hear suggestions, also happy New Year!



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