We have some options here, running this deck as either an Aggro strategy with Electrostatic Pummeler to smash in huge damage with Built to Smash or Larger Than Life and Blossoming Defense to protect and buff the Pummeler. Also we have an Infinite combo to utilize by setting up 1-2 Decoction Module or 1-2 Panharmonicon to continually create Thopters with Whirler Virtuoso. Making use of Infinite Thopters by triggering off Reckless Fireweaver for Infinite damage. Use Saheeli Rai to Scry for combo pieces, Duplicate a combo piece in order to go Infinite, or Ultimate to Tutor up the artifact pieces if you're just having really bad luck in drawing them.

Hopefully anyone reading this will enjoy this strategy, it seems like it would be a lot of fun to play. Please leave a comment and a +1 if you deem it worthwhile.


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