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Here's my take on the incredibly fun cards that are Havengul Lich and Heartless Summoning:

Basically the deck wants to cast awesome spells that all work round and round.

Havengul Lich is amazing: it gets to bring back all your former glory. Tap to kill with a Royal Assassin in your grave or build your own army of bats with a dead (or living) (undead?) Bloodline Keeper  Flip, or just bring back the threats themselves for only 1 extra mana! (that's a free Green Sun's Zenith on your graveyard - every turn!)

These are a couple of interactions, and there's so much more (turn 2 summoning, turn 3 Bloodline Keeper + Phyrexian Metamorph, turn 4: 4 vampires, turn 5 transform both + 1 vampire: rumble with a 6/6 and 2 5/5's). What this deck thrives on though, is mostly its consistency, which is why the Heartless Summonings are here. They fortify the deck if you have one out, but they are far from necessary to win.

Casting turn 4 titans, wurmcoils or rune-scarred demons for more big stuff is awesome, and if you get to grab them back from the grave (where they ended up either through removal or Forbidden Alchemy) with the lich, that's just sick gravy.

Ofcourse the Perilous Myr / Havengul Lich / Heartless Summoning "combo" is present (and findable through forbidden alchemy, potentially fixing 2 pieces if you can land a summoning or lich in your hand and the myr in the grave), which lets you repetitively shoot 2 damage for 1 mana, which is usually sufficient to take down the opponent in a turn or 2, or to take down his whole army of stuff.

Black Sun's Zenith, Tragic Slip and Dissipate keep the opponent in check until you can crush them.

Let me know what you think!




Nice man, this deck idea is pretty effective. I like it quite a bit and would not want to play against it myself. How does it fair against creatureless decks though, or burn/mill decks in particular?

My only concerns are your lynchpin cards, Havengul LichMTG Card: Havengul Lich and Heartless SummoningMTG Card: Heartless Summoning. Without them the deck still runs well, albiet you get an odd mix of control/johnny creatures to work with while featuring a bit of removal. You also have a tremendous amount of land, and with 2 playtests I saw you drawing more land when it felt like it could have been a creature or re-animator card.

With a whopping 25 lands and only 2 cards beyond the 6cmc range, do you think it would be ok if you took out at least one land and added another Havengul LichMTG Card: Havengul Lich? That card definitely has a bullseye painted on it the minute it hits the field, and especially since it's not legendary I don't see why you wouldn't run 4 of them. Otherwise this looks pretty awesome! Will have to see what new combos Avacyn Restored will bring for it!


March 1, 2012 6:06 a.m.

This is modern Dissipate is a sub par counter spell.Counter Spells1 CMC:Spell Snare2 CMC:DepriveRemand **I strongly recommend a playset for this deck. TEMPO TEMPO + CARD DRAW gets your further into a match.

March 7, 2016 6:59 p.m.

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