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The goal of the deck is to get everyone out of the early game with friendly spells like Prosperity and Collective Voyage . Alternatively, you can use the many ramp spells to get there, but it generates a lot of threat when they see the commander or know the deck itself.

Since this is a Thanos themed deck, the way I consider "winning" is by getting Fist of Suns on the field and then using it to "snap". Getting the gauntlet shouldn't be too difficult with the amount of draw and artifact tutors in the deck. The real challenge I've found so far is keeping it on the field or staying alive long enough to cast the snap spells like Fraying Omnipotence or Curse of the Cabal . Of course if the gauntlet is destroyed, then the goal is to cast the commander and do as much damage as you can.

Its mostly just a fun theme deck that gives me an excuse to quote Thanos or variations of quotes through different cards at the cost of my friends' sanity.

Some examples I like to use when I cast them:

Forced Fruition , Collective Voyage , etc - "The children born have known nothing but full bellies and clear skies, it's a paradise."

Any Mass Sacrifice - "This universe is finite. Its board state finite."

Whims of the Fates , Killing Wave - "The hardest choices require the strongest wills."

Snap Cards - "You should have gone for the head." or "I am inevitable."

Ticking up Proxima Midnight - "We... Have blood to spare"


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