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Hello TappedOut community!

Recently, I asked a couple of my friends: Aside from the ridiculously priced Power 9 cards, what is the BEST Magic card to ever be printed? We all had our opinions, but this got me thinking what everyone else thought was their all-time best card.

However, for ease and accuracy, I'd like to put in a few rules:
1. While people may have "favourite" cards, I'd prefer it if we avoid that and choose what they personally think is the BEST card.
2. If you cannot pick a single card, you may PREFERENCE up to 3 cards.
3. If you vote for a Mox colour, you vote for all Mox.
4. No Ante cards. E.G Contract from Below , Jeweled Bird .
5. No basic land cards.

I'll tally the votes up as we go every so often and keep track of the progress.

NOTE: Some preference voting may be omitted.

But during this time, lets also have some fun! Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Well, I just so happen to have a spare PROMO Wurmcoil Engine up for grabs. I've also got some Feature Tokens on the T/O website. So I'm thinking of doing it like this:

1ST PRIZE: PROMO Wurmcoil Engine, a Feature Token to the deck of your choice.
2ND PRIZE: A Feature Token to the deck of your choice.
3RD PRIZE: Uhh... Your name written up so you can show of the glory off being 3rd?

So how do I acquire this free goodness, you ask?

Well, all you have to do is +1 this "deck". Yep, thats it. On the 12th of May I will draw out the names of winners - which I will do by numbering each person accordingly to the list of users who have liked the "deck" and using this random number generator to draw out the winners.

Good luck to everyone who participates, and lets see what everyone's opinion is on their choice of the Top MTG Card of All Time.

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