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Peer into the Underworld... and DIE!!!

Standard BUG (Sultai)


I saw a version of this on the 'Mono Black Magic' youtube channel, I can imagine there are a few versions out there.

This is my version of a BUG deck trying to win by simply casting Underworld Dreams and then next turn Peer into the Abyss targeting the opponent.

This can be accomplished very fast thanks to Growth Spiral, Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, and Cultivate.

Have fun


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This deck has been doing surprisingly well so far. I have been running it on arena, in ranked, at plat tier 4 and the only decks I've had issues with so far have been mono-red and Boros aggro.

This deck cant really go off until at least turn 5 and if your opponent can just keep rushing in the damage it can be hard to come back. It is possible if a starting hand with LOTS of removal is kept, the downside to this is that it provides a slower build to the combo itself.

I have found that you cannot be afraid to use Peer into the Abyss on yourself in order to draw what you need to finish off the opponent (obviously this is only if you are ready mana wise, 7-10 including 3-6 swamps, and dont have the combo in hand), keep in mind though that this is a high risk, high reward play.

I have also, only once so far, had to Return to Nature my own Underworld Dreams. This was done to get the last 2 cards I needed in my GY in order to escape Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath. I also had a second Underworld Dreams in hand.

One thing to note if facing heavy enchantment hate, the combo can be pulled off in one turn if 10 mana, including 6 swamps, is available.


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