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An extremely budget-friendly deck revolving around different ETB abilities, bouncing creatures and eluding sorcery-speed removal. Most of the ideas are my own.

The staple cards here are Angel's Tomb and Grafted Wargear which are, at least in certain cases, pretty much interchangeable. Glitterfang , Mardu Scout and Goblin Heelcutter act as recursive ETB trigger outlets and cheap hasted attackers that may equip Grafted Wargear and bounce back to hand before the unattachment drawback causes them to be sacrificed. Archwing Dragon is the finisher.

There are a couple of permanents that affect both players, but this deck can capitalize them to an extent greater than the opponent can. I can usually churn out more tokens Genesis Chamber than the opponent since my ETB outlets are completely recursive. For most of the time, Storage Matrix doesn't slow this deck down at all, but can prove to be very frustrating to an opponent who relies on sustainable mana flow and creatures.

Sorcery-speed creature removal and sweeper cards are almost completely useless against this deck because Angel's Tomb turns to non-creature at the end of turn and almost all the creatures bounce back to hand.

In case of decks with little to no creatures, burns such as Lightning Bolt can be directed at opponent. If the opposing deck is based on creatures, Slagstorm is a useful solution. For example, if you have Angel's Tomb on the battlefield on turn 4 and the opponent has amassed an army of small creatures, just cast Slagstorm and then Glitterfang . Then proceed to beat the living crap out of the defenseless opponent with your glitterfang and 3/3 angel.

Late game involves Purphoros, God of the Forge. This card can eat the opponent's face alarmingly fast and is infuriatingly hard to get rid of by any non-white deck.

About sideboard:

Shattering Spree takes a big steaming dump on popular modern archetypes utilizing artifacts, i.e., Vial and Affinity). However, after Birthing Pod got banned, this card has its usefulness cut down by half, which may prompt me to replace it with something more meta-prominent.

Tormod's Crypt and Relic of Progenitus are your garden-variety graveyard hate cards against those loams and 'goyfs.

Chalice of the Void is great against decks with consistent and small CMC profile such as RDW, Fish or Pump Infect.

Against RDW and burn-heavy archetypes, this deck is nothing but a underpowered mirror opponent. Dragon's Claw can cushion some of the damage dealt by these troublemakers.

Many modern decks have some annoying land-specific wincons. Pump infect has Inkmoth Nexus, america has Celestial Colonnade and then there's of course Tron. Fulminator Mage can seriously sabotage these decks.



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