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"Peddleshriek" is a for-fun deck, but still manages to be good. There are two combos: The first is giving Izzet Staticaster deathtouch using Nightshade Peddler, the second is putting a Worldspine Wurm on top of the library using Mwonvuli Beast Tracker, and then pumping Mindshrieker for a massive and spontaneous attack.

Cards that may need explanation:

Elvish Visionary and Tracker's Instincts help dig through the deck to assemble one or two of the combos.

Peel from Reality can be used to protect our key creatures, or to stall the opponent's offense. We can also use it on an Elvish Visionary to get another card draw, or on a Thragtusk.

Amass the Components let's us return Worldspine Wurm to the deck when it gets trapped in our hand, and also allows us to find our key cards.

Farseek and Abundant Growth fix our mana perfectly, so we can cast Izzet Staticaster easily. Abundant Growth is also a cantrip, allowing us to dig through the deck to our key cards.

Worldspine Wurm shuffles back into the library when it enters the graveyard, so we can pull of the Mindshrieker combo multiple times.

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Coming up with a sideboard soon and having my very casual dad play it at FNM. Will report on results.


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