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PDH(U) - Its like Fantasia but more out-of-control

Pauper EDH* Mono-Blue



If you animate a vehicle, the Faerie's ability overwrites it's power and toughness. But it becomes a 4/4 and keeps it's abilities! Sky Skiff and Renegade Freighter are pretty solid.

If you animate a Guardian Idol , Rusted Relic , or Fountain of Ichor , and then turn them on, they get big. It's pretty neat!

If you animate a Darksteel Axe , it swings itself into people's faces. And is indestructible, which is very nice.

If you animate a Weapon Rack , it's a 7/7. That's not small.

Counters are obviously a thing, so proliferate is good. Self-bouncing the Faerie lest you animate more things, so cards like Withdraw , AEther Tradewinds , Peel from Reality , and Run Away Together are great.

The rest is just draw and control.

I'm not sure this deck is good, but it's very pretty, and it's got some clever tricks. That's much more important than good.


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