The goal of the deck is to sit behind a beefy Brigid and her ever-sharp arrows until you can create tons of tokens to swarm the enemies that have been (hopefully) weakened by attacks from elsewhere. Use equipment to let her shoot more often, with deathtouch, wither, and lifelink, and enjoy your slow game!


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so, you may have noticed, I've gone to 6 month updates, as most of the decks don't change toooooooo much every two months (there are exceptions, of course).

We got some new goodies to play with this year -

IN: Endless Atlas , Oreskos Explorer , Parhelion II , and Smothering Tithe

OUT: Adarkar Valkyrie , Arcane Encyclopedia , Crush Contraband , Thran Dynamo

To acquire and try out (eventually): Cryptic Caves , Divine Visitation , Finale of Glory , Land Tax , Maze of Ith , Tithe


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