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PauperModern - Dimir Control Freak

Modern* Budget Control Pauper UB (Dimir)



"If we get matched against each other at the tournament I'm going to be upset." - jesseter

UB Control. Draw card, hit hard. 2 Devious Teachings to recycle your best spells, and each other. Essentially, your draws only gets better and better the longer the game goes on. Recycle Negate for the control matchups and Remove Soul & Crypt Rats for the aggro decks. A deck for the mage who loves resolving countermagic, and who is willing to play thirty to forty of them each game.

Still needs work but I'm happy with it so far. Play carefully to make sure you don't die to multiple Corrupt s , and so Relic of Progenitus doesn't just hit anything you want to recycle. Play fast, for time is the enemy. Would love comments and constructive criticism. Thanks for taking a look at my deck!


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Match Score: 1 Win - 1 Loss - 1 Draw

Round 1: VS jesseter's Mono Red Goblins. Result: 0 wins - 2 Losses

Round 2: VS Mono White Soldiers. Result: 2 wins - 0 Losses

Round 3: VS Mono Green tron Result: 1 Win - 1 Loss - 1 Draw


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