Bloodcrazed Neonate + Bloodmad Vampire + Erdwal Ripper The main creatures since if they hit our opponent they grow up.

Insolent Neonate Another vamp that let us use cards with their madness cost also a nice 1 mana drop with its menace.

Keldon Marauders The only non vampire in the deck, since the other vampires werent good enough in my opinion to get in the deck.


Fiery Temper + Lightning Bolt + Rift Bolt The base of any mono red deck, besides Fiery Temper, with them we can clear the way to our vampires, or if there are no blockers we can just throw them to their face.


Faithless Looting Another card that allows us to use madness cost.

Manamorphose Not needed at all but I just love, it feels like playing 56 cards.


Crossway Vampire A vamp that clear the path to our creatures temporary.

Heirs of Stromkirk Another vampire that also grows up when deals damage to our opponnets, evades more easily the blockers but with a high CMC.

Sanguinary Mage A 1/3 vamp with prowess, not worth adding in my opinnion unless we manage to cast 2 or more non-creature spells each turn.

Senseless Rage An enchant that gives +2/+2, playable with madness, but its cost its the same being played as madness or no.

Crown of Fury An enchant that gives +1/+0 to a creature and first strike, can be sacrificied to give to all the creatures that share a creature type with the enchanted one (also itself) the buff mentioned above, it can be really good to save our creatures from combat damage or to just throw the last hit.


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