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Pauper EDH Tier List - Multiplayer (In Progress)

Pauper EDH* Multiplayer Primer


Tier 3 (161)

Welcome to the Pauper EDH Tier List!

The purpose of this list is to give players an idea of what commanders are strong options and which are weaker. Commanders are ranked off the strength of their abilities and how well their colors support them. This list only includes commanders ranging from strongest to decent, excluding commanders that are weaker or just not viable options. Commanders are always subject to shifting as more testing is done and new cards come out. Please feel free to give your thoughts in the comment section.

Tier Descriptions

Tier 1 - Very Strong

Tier 2 - Strong

Tier 3 - Moderate


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So far I have every card that will be in the final list. Ignore most of the placements in tier 3 for now. Tier 3 will most likely split into 2 tiers. I will be going through and ranking everything closely next. Please mention anything you feel I missed, any commanders.

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