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Pauper Blue Ninja (MH update)

Pauper Aggro Budget Mono-Blue Pauper


Mono Blue Ninja Aggro

Trying to make an aggresive Ninja Deck. The idea is pretty simple - start with low cost creatures faeries to cheat in ninjas. These two flyers also provide great card filtering and counterspells

Once they are in I use enablers like Veil of Secrecy & Aqueous Form to continue bouncing/drawing/tutoring.

Hands of Binding are there to slow enemies down and, if ciphered on Mistblade Shinobi it can easily lock 2 enemy creatures out of the game. You can cast Hands of Binding during you pre-combat main phase, cipher it and attack; thus getting 2 instances of this effect.

Veil of Secrecy / Negate are there to protect me against removal, as Hands of Binding + Mistblade Shinobi can take care of creature spells easily.


Sideboard is made exclusively for pauper games


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