I made this for r/edh, budget deck that focuses on auras and enchantments to prevent stuff from attacking, while simultaneously benefitting from any creatures that sneak their way through with an absurd amount of lifegain.

WINCONS/Neat interactions:

Celestial Convergence and Test of Endurance win the game if your life total is high, and lets be honest, your life total is gonna be high

Null Chamber and Exclusion Ritual cleverly lock your opponents out of playing their commanders, then Exclude the friend who helped you! Hahaha (NOTICE: Only works once well)

Sunbond and Cradle of Vitality allow you to make big creatures

Sigil of the Empty Throne, Mobilization, Angelic Accord, and First Response all produce tokens, so get those on the field quick.

As far as upgrades go, this deck would severely benefit from a Serra's Sanctum. Porphyry Nodes can be interesting if you leave mana up to make a 1/1 when necessary. Runed Halo or a Leyline of Sanctity avoid burn, Parallax Wave can save you from losing key enchantments (and works well with Starfield)

Honestly, I threw this together because I was tired of people ruining my combo plans by attacking. Let me know what you think!


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