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Patron of the Moon: Promise Lands

Commander / EDH Competitive Control Lands Mono-Blue


I have found this to be a pretty brutal deck to play 1v1 and annoying in multi player. Its not that its land destruction its land return, phase, and land switch, which in most cases in my playgroup its better if the land get destroyed. Flooding your opponent's hand and their field with Quicksilver Fountain and Sunder . I found to get this deck to its douschyist potential you need Amulet of Vigor and mana doublers to utilize the commander and other moonfolk abilities not to mention Capsize . I've found you'll have quicker turns in keeping most of your mana untapped until your opponents turn, and activating as interrupts or tapping down their lands. it's also and good deck to get around land destruction builds as is you have enough mana and the right creature out you can scoop your land back to your hand using abilities and floating mana to get them back out after resolve.

Tell me that you think and i hope you enjoy!


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