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Patron of the Moon - Blue Ramp!

Commander / EDH



In this deck, you play a few cheap Soratami early on, and then use them as ramp to get Patron of the Moon out. Once there, you pump land cards out of your hand like there's no tomorrow. Need more? Play all of these card-draw spells. The deck is nothing but card draw spells. You get more card advantage with all the landfall triggers and draw triggers.

The removal is all done with free counterspells.

You win with a big Windfall and a Library of Leng, or a Psychosis Crawler and Enter the Infinite. It's kind of goldfishy, but what makes it fun is that it really relies on the big card draw for the win. You really get to ramp out all of your land. The only thing it's missing is maybe an easier combo to pull off, or an Omniscience


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