Creatureless 98 means we never whiff with Pako. It also lets us run some naughty creature stax.

Blood Moon doesn't affect us as much as other people since Haldan lets you disregard color requirements for fetched cards.

Noxious Revival can be used on other people's cards, setting them up to be fetched by Pako.

Creatures can't be fetched properly, but it still might be worth it to exile them using Expel from Orazca/Memory Lapse + Pako (or even shuffle them away with Portent).

Wincons include voltron beatdown, endless combat steps, infinitive mana + power/damage sink, and storming off with the help of Song of Creation (note that fetched cards are safe from discard).

(The deck used to run Proteus Staff + Goblin Charbelcher but I got tired of it, it's not bad by any means though so feel free to include it in your deck.)


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So with this change, Burning Sands will now trigger when commanders die. As continuously recasting Pako can already be kinda iffy without having lost two lands beforehand, I've decided to replace the Sands with Oko. A bit sad since Sands was a kind of a signature card for the deck, but the change is for the greater good.


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