In my rookie deck building days I built a vampire deck revolving around Olivia Voldaren and the proliferate mechanic. Ever since, I have tried about 5 different vampire builds trying to make use of the mono red vamps.

Finally I have decided to build this tempo izzet build which will be my final stab at a decent vampire tribal haha.


Stromkirk Noble A nice one drop w/ some built in evasion which is the them of this deck.

Bloodcrazed Neonate Our only 2 drop creature, has a significant draw back but hopefully we will get her to connect using our support cards.

Markov Blademaster A solid finisher in the deck. Can finish off the game on her own in 3 turns if she connects.

Rakish Heir Here to support our vampires, helping them grow much quicker with every feeding.

Falkenrath Marauders sitting at the top of the curb, can help push that last bit of dmg in a turn or two.


Apostle's Blessing Here for spot protection and can also help us evade and punch to the face.

Echoing Truth Very versatile card. Can help protect our own creatures by bouncing them back. Can clear the way for attackers, can kill small token hordes.

Into the Roil Nice bounce card similar to Echoing Truth but can help generate card advantage in the midgame.

Izzet Charm Another versatile card. Kills little guys to clear the path, counters kill spells, and can help us dig in the late game.

Mana Leak Here to counter any big bombs, protect our creatures ect.

Shadow Rift Allows us to punch to the face and helps us draw.

Distortion Strike helps us get through with a little extra umph, and comes back for free next turn.

Any criticism/advice is welcome.



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