Never again will you lose to Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker.

This deck has many different card synergies, creative combos, and multiple win conditions. It is a somewhat unconventional deck with a unique flavor that is really interesting to experience. This deck is especially competitive against swarm and aggro decks, and is the bane of those annoying Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combos.

"I heard a fly buzz when I died" - Emily Dickinson

Deck Mechanics

Ideal Play Order:

T1: Illness in the Ranks

T2: Blood Artist, Suture Priest, or Blood Seeker

T3: Hunted Phantasm. At this point, your Forbidden Orchard begins hurting your opponent when you tap it. If you cast Hunted Phantasm with one, you have just had your opponent lose 6 life. If you've got more than one Forbidden Orchard to tap, even better!

T4: Swing with Hunted Phantasm, which is unblockable. Cloudshift the Hunted Phantasm, leaving him open to block. You can Mercy Killing the Hunted Phantasm on your opponent's next turn if you have Blood Artist out and don't need him to block another turn. You've just had your opponent lose an additional 10 to 14 life before the beginning of your fifth turn, not accounting for life loss caused by tapping Forbidden Orchard. Between your opponent playing creatures, fetch lands, and shock lands, this can often be game.

Key Synergies and Combos

Forbidden Orchard + Soul's Attendant / Forbidden Orchard + Suture Priest / Blood Seeker + Forbidden Orchard / Mercy Killing + Suture Priest / Blood Seeker + Mercy Killing / Forbidden Orchard + Illness in the Ranks / Illness in the Ranks + Mercy Killing / Blood Artist + Illness in the Ranks / Hunted Phantasm + Suture Priest / Blood Seeker + Hunted Phantasm / Hunted Phantasm + Illness in the Ranks

Similar Decks and Alternative Builds Inspired by This Deck

I've gotten notices from a few people who have built similar decks after seeing this, or have been working on decks centered on the same theme. It's so great to see that people like my deck enough to want to build it, or have recognized the fun that can be had by giving giving your opponents lots of creatures! If you have a similar deck, let me know and I'll link to your take on it here!

Outriderblue's Reprisal of Pain

birdman412's Here! (His original creation, overhauled after seeing this)

DrkNinja's You have tokens? Or not! (Again, an original deck that was modified based on what I have here.)

Ryotenchi's Lemmings

BattleWalrus' It's not so black and white. (A much more competitive, non-budget build)

Imp_Storm's Illness in the Orchard (Running green and with some fun mainboard choices like Surgical Extraction.)

I always appreciate budget suggestions, constructive criticism, or a +1 if you like the deck.


Updates Add

Replaced Phyrexian Arena with Serum Visions now that I'm splashing blue. Also added some fetch lands I pulled from Khans. The deck is running a lot faster now.

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