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Padeem Is Pushing the Limit! (All Cards Under $1)

Commander / EDH* Artifact Budget Casual Combo Mono-Blue Multiplayer



Hi everyone!

Welcome to a little project I have been tinkering with the past few days.

I am teaching a friend the format, and had the idea to limit our budget to less than one dollar per card.

I have been looking to play a less degenerate combo deck, and this is what I came up with. Infinite combos are included, but the real goal is to have fun assembling pieces to masterful machines!

Here are some of the combos I have included in the list:

Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake = Infinite Mana

Grinding Station + Summoning Station + Salvaging Station + Flayer Husk = Infinite Mill

Animation Module + Decoction Module + Fabrication Module + Infinite Mana = Infinite Tokens and Energy

Animation Module + Decoction Module + Fabrication Module + Clock of Omens + Hedron Archive = Infinite Tokens (Just make sure to trigger the combo on your opponent's end step!)

If you have any suggestions, I appreciate it a lot. Just remember, all suggestions MUST be under one dollar on TCGPlayer market price to be considered.

Thanks and happy gaming!


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