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Pacific Rim Duel Decks: Jaegers

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So when I was making my Bosh's Giant Robot Squad deck, I had an idea: Custom duel decks that pit giant robots against giant monsters. So, here they are!

Pacific Rim Duel Decks!

It seemed like an obvious choice for a flavor focus, because while the movie wasn't perfect, the Robot vs. Monsters fights were all awesome. The focus for both decks is to get mana ramp going early game with Palladium Myr, Iron Myr, and Ur-Golem's Eye for the Jaegers and Kiora's Follower, Explosive Vegetation, and Explore for the Kaiju. After that, the decks each play a bit differently.

Jaegers, on top of getting out ramp cards will also drop equipment early game like Fireshrieker, Sword of Vengeance, and other cool weapons to equip your Jaegers for battle, as well as Titan Forge, the most in-flavor card in the deck. Once the forges have been working for a few turns and you've dropped some cool weapons, you start dropping giant robots by removing counters from Titan Forge and casting Metalwork Colossus, Combustible Gearhulk, Guardian of the Ages and Myr Enforcer. From there, slap all your cool weapons on your giant robots, and use Fall of the Hammer and Built to Smash to break through their line and start smashin Kaiju.

These decks are casual with more focus put on flavor and balance than practicality or card value (Appetite for the Unnatural rather than Naturalize, Ur-Golem's Eye rather than Sol Ring). My main concern will be making sure that the decks are balanced against each other, so any playtesting and feedback would be appreciated. If you do playtest, be sure to play the decks at least 2-3 times, as they are casual and therefore not designed to go off the same way every game. The other deck is Pacific Rim Duel Decks: Kaiju.



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So I've been playing around with a couple rebalancing things. Some equipment changes, for one. Greatsword was good for flavor but just too slow. Six total mana for a +3 to power? We can do better. So I took those out and added a Darksteel Axe and I'm looking into things like Accorder's Shield .

More importantly, though, I've been trying to really push this deck's focus on the perfectly in-flavor and, in my opinion, generally awesome card Titan Forge . I like this card because it teaches newer players how good resource management really pays off in the long run in Magic, popping out 9/9's if you can get there. However, not having any way to speed things along, Titan Forge was just too slow, and things like Metalwork Colossus or an opponent's Simic Sky Swallower usually happened much quicker. I tried Voltaic Key first. Generally good artifact utility, and lets you activate the forge twice a turn... for a total of 7 mana. So yeah, still too slow. But then I remembered this card: Energy Chamber . It's perfect! A great turn 2 drop or later, as it's consistently helpful. No Forge in play? Boost up any of your dudes with a +1/+1 counter! This card adds the thing new and old players alike love about this game: choice.

So now I have to make sure it's not too OP. Thoughts?


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