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Overgrown Umbral Elf ($30 Turn 3 Infinite)

Modern* Budget Infinite Combo Theme/Gimmick


“$30.36 on TCG minus lands and optimized” was what it was at one time... please see update for a better explanation. The core of this deck is very cheap please don't take the TCG price literally... There a couple cards that you can drop to get price back into the $30's and still win on combo alone) Infinite mana and infinitely large Arbor Elf, Voyaging Satyr, or Viridian Joiner achieved by abusing Overgrowth, and Utopia Sprawl with Umbral Mantle's untap ability.

Turn 1: Forest- Arbor Elf Turn 2: Forest- Utopia Sprawl, Overgrowth Turn 3: Umbral Mantle..............Infinte mana and +2/2 stacks from Umbral Mantle.

Turn 1: Forest- Utopia Sprawl Turn 2: Forest- Utopia Sprawl, Utopia Sprawl,Voyaging Satyr Turn 3: Umbral Mantle............ same.

Turn 1: Forest- Utopia Sprawl Turn 2: Forest- Utopia Sprawl, Viridian Joiner Turn 3: Forest- Tap 2 Forest and Viridian Joiner to play Umbral Mantle, equip and pay 3 to untap. Joiner is now a 3/4 and can pay to untap...... same.

The main goal of this deck is to beef up some dorks and swing lethal with trample or protection rather than getting out big creatures. That being said it's pretty easy to have a lot of mana and nothing to spend it on so I'm always trying to find the right balance. Being mono-green and not having fetchlands and shocklands in our deck affords us an extra turn against most decks, play smart.

The main core of the deck is rather fun to build around. For budgets it allows you a way to play fun/junky cards. There are probably better win cons but this deck allows you wins with any of them. Banefire with a backup Fling would be a fun build. It's a cheap mana engine and adding colors for Tutors/Answers is easy to achieve with Utopia Sprawl, Fertile Ground, and $$$ (Remember Arbor Elf only targets forests). The Maybeboard contains my sideboard suggestions, I don't know your meta so add to taste.

Thanks for looking, as always suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I am constantly fiddling with this deck so if things look different or weird please check regular updates for card selection reasons.


Updates Add

I am aware this deck is now significantly higher than when it started please view the following deck. It’s a cheap, closer to original build. It can be done on tcg under $40 but on any given day it can be easier or more difficult (most likely more difficult as time goes on...). Thanks for looking.

Overgrown Umbral Elf core combo

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