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Orzhov Heroic Sacrifice FTW

Standard Lifegain Tempo W/B (Orzhov)



This deck is a Orzhov Sac engine deck...

I sac my dude, and I also make you sac yours.. mwuahahahahaha!!!

The Cards:


Agent of the Fates : One of the Major cards for the Theme of the deck. Makes opponent sac whenever I attach 1 of the 20 enchantments in the deck.

Favored Hoplite : Great one drop with heroic. Ethereal Armor also can be used to stop him from taken damage when hit with burn or when swinging in for damage.

Hopeful Eidolon : matches the flavor of this deck flawlessly. can be used as a one drop, used to activate heroic and give some bonus lifelink, or used to fill a creature spot and also pump Ethereal Armor.

Phalanx Leader : The Oprah of the deck. Everyone can have a counter!

Blood Bairn: creates a good combat trick with it's sac a creature ability in conjunction with murder investigation. Sac all tokens after swinging in with Dying Wish attached. If they try to bounce her, just Devour Flesh or Altar's Reap her and watch the opponent's tears flow.

Erebos, God of the Dead: great for card draw. Also, if you can't get Agent of the Fates on the field, you can always Devour Flesh their ungodly huge creature. they sac it and still can't gain the life from it. muhahaha


Altar's Reap: sac a creature to activate Murder Investigation or Devour Flesh and draw 2 bonus cards.

Devour Flesh : same concept as Altar's Reap, just gain life instead.


Ethereal Armor: simple card. gets creatures bigger the more you pump it and other creatures with enchantments.

Dying Wish: used in combo with Devour Flesh makes any creature a psuedo-Grey Merchant of Asphodel

Murder Investigation : build up that heroic creature and then let him die to gain an army of 1/1s

Gift of Immortality: used to pump Ethereal Armor as well as to keep your creature presence on the board. Best to put this on Agent of the Fates or Phalanx Leader .

Ordeal of Heliod : adds counters to creature, then sacs for 10 life? why the heck not?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Also need a bit of help on the sideboard.

Also, props to I_H8_U_M8 for coming up with the foundations of this deck.


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