True Guild of Vampires!

This is my unique take on vampires. I tried over and over to make a Rakdos vampire deck but always came up short making it the way I wanted. So I decided to use my favorite colors and make one.

-Bloodline Keeper  Flip is a token producer as well as a buffer once he flips. His tokens will help out Captivating Vampire in order to take control of creatures.

-Captivating Vampire also buffs as well as steals my opponents creatures. We have a decent amount of token creators, so it shouldn't be a problem getting 5 out.

-Gifted Aetherborn is nighthawks flightless cousin! That doesn't make him any less useful.

-Blood Baron of Vizkopa is a late game creature. That is why I only have 2, he is pointless to draw if his ability has not kicked in yet. When it does he is straight up bad ass!

-Indulgent Aristocrat is a fantastic 1 drop. Late game he can really buff my vampires.

-Vampire Nighthawk what is there to say about him? If he's not an auto include in your vampire deck, then you need to quit MTG ;)

-Tithe Drinker is a great Orzhov choice. Lifelink and extort are just fantastic!

-Always Watching is to buff and give vigilance. Which allows me to be more aggressive.

-Merciless Eviction is for when things just get out of control and I need to wipe something.

-Sorin's Vengeance is just awesome late game. Who in the hell is going to expect a spell to deal 10 damage?!?!?

-Anguished Unmaking is just awesome. From the absolutely fantastic artwork to its ability to the flavor text.

-Night's Whisper for some card draw.

Sorin is hands down my favorite planeswalker! He is just a straight up hard ass that don't take shit from no one!

-Sorin, Solemn Visitor has great abilities. Buffs, token creation and some board control.

-Sorin, Grim Nemesis is prob my favorite. I absolutely love his +1! His ult is just beautiful! In my play group there is a lifegain deck that usually has 60 life by turn 6, so it's perfect.

-Sorin, Lord of Innistrad has a weak +1 but his second ability is great. His Ult will turn tides quickly.

I really love how this deck turned out. It has everything I love about Orzhov and vampires.

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