Bought ten boosters and an orzhov intro deck and built this fun little fucking extort thing.

Now I chipped in, got a booster box and split it with four people, and pulled mythics out of my ass.

Pretty much, the whole basis of this is to ping consistently with extort and flying, while setting myself up for Obzedat. Once he's out I essentially get to spiral out of control.That, and if Gideon or Desecration Demon is in an early draw he's a quick win within the first few turns, or can easily set up playing Obzedat and consistently pinging the enemy.



lex718 says... #1

Going with the life gain theme I would look at Rhox Faithmender and Blood Artist . Also, to make your deck more consistent i would try to minimize the amount of one-ofs you have.

February 13, 2013 1:09 p.m.

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