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Orzhov Competetive aggro w/ removal and lifegain

Standard Aggro Lifegain W/B (Orzhov)




Please +1 if you like the setup! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as well.

  • Buff up creatures fast and then doublestrike with silverblade paladin.
  • If you can block my creatures, then use guildmage to get the damage through.

Sideboard is built to react to the other top tournament decks I have seen:

Control/Removal: -2 typhoid rats, -3 predators gambit, +2 Duress, +3 Faith's Shield

Reanimator: +3 Rest in Peace, - 3 Oblivion Ring

Mill: - 2 Typhoid Rats, -2 Vizkopa Guildmage, +2 Duress, +2 Unburial Rites

Boros: - 2 Duress, +2 Typhoid Rats

Planeswalkers (Jace, Taimyo): + 2 Pithing Needle


Updates Add

I updated this deck from the tournament I competed in yesterday. I finished 4th out of 20 with a few misplays that probably knocked me down from 2nd or 3rd. It's a good deck but it still falls victim to removal pretty easily.

Let me know if you think I can make any other improvements.


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