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I saw Torpor Orb, and wondered if I could put a deck together that took advantage of this weird card. Turns out, it's damn good. 12/12 trample on turn 3 good. I've playtested and edited heavily as a result. So far, it wins by turn 5 or 6, somewhat consistently, and quickly gets better from there.

The deck is almost entirely made up of Torpor Orb, Stifle, and the negative-ETB fatties like Phyrexian Dreadnought. Then control/support to get them through for the quick win.

Could I do better on the control end? Blue and black have plenty of choices.

Right now, I've taken out the Stifles and Dreadnoughts, and changed up the mana base, to show how affordable this deck can be. You could easily order the pieces you don't have from the internet for under $25.

9/4/12: Took out Fabricate (never used it really), 1x Trickbind, and some surplus counters to include 2x Duress, 2x Inquisition of Kozilek, and 4x Treacherous Pit-Dweller .

Took out Inquisition of Kozilek, too expensive. Also, added Distortion Strike and Artful Dodge to get the big boys through. I'm thinking about maybe Rite of Consumption and Essence Harvest? If I've gotten one of these big boys through once or twice, one of these spells should finish the game. If not, it's a huge advantage anyway.


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