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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you breaking news. WotC's most recent childrens' product, the Ornithopter, has been recalled due to the astounding number of... accidents that have occurred. The most recent account reported 2 child injuries and more importantly, the loss of one of our dear friends, Ornithopter #OP849. Allegedly, the neighbors spotted the two kids watching the thopter fly when it spontaneously combusted into a flaming wreck of fire and dropped toward the children. Luckily, at the last second, a Ravenous Intruder arrived just in time to swallow the burning metal. The kids celebrated their luck, however their victory was short-lived when the intruder morphed into an Implement of Combustion and promptly exploded on the scene. The children survived with minor injuries. One boy described it to our reporter, "Mommy, taht ting went kaboom, and aftaw tat I gott a booboo". Our reporter kindly replied, "I ain't yo Mommy, and yo stoopid complainin' ain't gettin' ya nowhere". The boy was transported by Smuggler's Copter to the hospital, where the child was treated for our reporter's sick burns. "The Ornithopter incident caused too many problems", said one WotC representative at a press conference, "many are no longer with us: the Ornithopter, the Intruder, and now, my lunch break. Seriously, go away so I can eat". The thopters are now considered harmful, and can cause severe mental disabilities. If you have any information, please call the mana-free hotline: 1-800-THO-PTER. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Using Pia's Revolution, Ravenous Intruder , Reckless Fireweaver, and of course, Ornithopter to deal damage directly to opponents. Any suggestions or a +1 would be appreciated.

Credit for the deck goes to Revedeka and their Pia's Recycling Faciliy Deck (find it down below)!


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Update on last night's breaking news! A reversed recall of all Ornithopter Models has sparked mass outrage directed at the Research and Design (RnD) department of WotC, who continue to promote Ornithopter as "a 0/2 blocker that's practically free and harmless!". However, some citizens respectfully declined. "Dagnabbit, is this some first-rate malarchy", exclaimed our news veteran Old Fogey, "kids nowadays with their newfangled inventions. My, back in my day, we had REAL value like Gray Ogre and Apocalypse Chime and... shucks, I Forget the rest". Last year's winner for the most overpowered card Storm Crow (correction: every years') also disagrees with RnD's statement, "A 0/2 with (censored) flying AND for 0 mana?! (censored), that's the most (censored) overpowered (censored) that I've heard of. Even I can't (censored) kill it in one shot, and I'm a (censored) 1/2 with flying for 2 mana." Our reporter reportedly died on the scene of... fowl language. "AGGHHH OOHH AAAAHHOOO AAUUGGHH" said Ragavan the monkey. In order to stop our citizen's rants, we have decided to host a "Game Day" to see who can bring these metallic menaces down, most kills gets free Engineered Explosives for a month. Will you take the challenge? We will keep you updated as this pressing issue develops.

Game Day is coming up, and I need YOUR suggestions! Help make this deck (kind of) viable for the competition, and you can win a free set of "Give yourself a pat on the back" coupons to impress your friends with (that is, if you have any...). Thank You!

Started developing sideboard and fine-tuning mainboard (deciding between aggro or sustain).


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