I feel that Land Destruction has strong potential in the Modern environment where Tron and creature-lands are so prevalent and opponents sac'ing land is the norm. This deck is an effort to take advantage of that meta while working in an old trick from back in my Ice Age / Fallen Empires days.

The general gist of the deck is to lean on your land destruction sorceries until you can beat them down with one of your creatures or get the Orcish Spy + Millstone soft-lock into play (filtering land draws before they come up). The deck can win by milling or damage which is a nice bit of versatility to have in these days of 'infinite life' combos. The deck actually has potential 1st-turn land destruction in Darksteel Citadel + Boom/bust + Simian Spirit Guide though obviously that doesn't come up too often.

One of the best thing about this deck is how often it wins as a budget deck - considering that you can probably put it together for about $50 before the side-board, it's worth experimenting with even if it's outside your normal style of play. Non-budget options that should be seriously considered are Fulminator Mage, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Koth of the Hammer and Blood Moon.

For a less 'budget' version of this deck, see Orcstone II (non-budget)


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