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This Modern Competitive or Multiplayer, turn 4-kill deck, works by using Mindcrank (damage=mill) and Duskmantle Guildmage's first ability (Mill=Damage). One triggers the other, and the combo destroys your opponent.

All you need to win is: Duskmantle Guildmage + Gut Shot + Mindcrank +

Ideally, turn 4 could be the hour of reckoning for up to 3 opponents. Here's how:
Turn 1: Drop a land. Pass turn.
Turn 2: Drop an untapped land. Play Mindcrank. Pass turn.
Turn 3: Drop an untapped land (Make sure you have both / at this point). Cast Duskmantle Guildmage. Pass turn.
Turn 4: Drop a land. Pay the cost of Duskmantle Guildmage's first ability. Then, Duress , Vapor Snag, Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize an opponent for the remaining one mana.
Turn 4(b): Gut Shot The second opponent by paying 2 life for the .
Turn 4(c): Attack the third opponent (with no blocking creatures) with the guildmage.
Smile smugly.

Apostle's Blessing- Simply THE best choice for protection for this deck: not limited to targeting Duskmantle Guildmage, it targets Mindcrank, if the need arises.

Dimir Infiltrator- Unblockable for combo trigger, transmute to find combo pieces.

Duress- Noncreature, hand hate.

Duskmantle Guildmage- Combo piece. Can be tutored with Muddle the Mixture, Dimir Infiltrator or Shred Memory(SB).

Fog Bank- Absorbs combat damage. Can be tutored through transmute cards.

Gut Shot- Kinda-free wincon.

Inquisition of Kozilek- Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay or Lightning Bolt a problem? Not anymore.

Mindcrank- Combo piece. Can also be tutored with the aforementioned transmute cards.

Muddle the Mixture- Counter and transmute.

Thoughtseize- MOAR! HAND! HATE!

Turn Aside- Counters removal targeting your combo.

Vapor Snag- It's like Unsummon with the added benefit of tripping the combo.
Honestly, the deck often wins because I never tell the opponent anything about it.

Game one: The combo comes out , and the opponent is so busy working on ramp, or their own kill con, they often don't notice they are one turn away from losing.

When you do win, it's with a minimum number of played cards. This leaves plenty to the imagination for your opponent because they've only seen 3-4 of your playable cards in the deck; putting you at a psychological advantage.

Game two: Duress, Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize, the first 2-3 turns to ensure card play safety. Thus, ridding any Pithing Needle, Phyrexian Revoker, Wheel of Sun and Moon, or [removal] an opponent may have slipped in from their sideboard. I would even wait until you can cast the guildmage and use his ability in the same turn.

As far as the "perfect" draw goes; with so many wincons in the deck, you really only need the combo pieces and to cast them. Then, draw or already have another land to use Duskmantle Guildmage's first ability. Almost every other card in the deck is useful for setting off the combo.

As with all decks, it doesn't draw perfectly 100% of the time. Here are some tips for playing the deck hard:

1. Take some damage

- Some people get over-excited and make the mistake of wasting a kill card or sending a creature back to the opponent's hand in the first two or three turns, even when the creature is only doing 2-3 damage. Don't do that. Time your kill/removal spells wisely.

2. Artifact first, then the creature

- The combo relies on you having at least both Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank .
Since most decks run some sort of removal, I think it's wise to play Duskmantle Guildmage when your opponent is tapped out, hellbent, or when you have a counter spell in hand.
Duress, Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek the 2-4 turns before and between bringing combo pieces out. Yes, there are 4 of them; but no, there's no guarantee you'll survive long enough to get another.

3. No kill card? No problem

- DGM's ability can also be used purely defensively, as pointed out by one player:

toponal says...
"I love this idea, also if I'm correct in thinking you can use Duskmantle Guildmage's 1st ability on your opponent's turn, which will lock them from playing instants and sorceries since his text says 'any card'..."

This is true. Even if they manage to destroy your guildmage with his ability activated, his effects still last the turn.
For example: say your opponent is Murdering the guildmage; in response, activate his ability. When Murder resolves, the player will die if he/she has a life total less than the number of cards in his/her library.
Should the player have more life than library, all you need to do is survive to, and end your next turn; and they lose at their draw phase.
The sideboard is designed to keep you alive when facing more specialized deck mechanics. Of course, switch out the main/sideboard cards as you see fit. Here's some tips on replacing/playing the sideboard cards:

Annul: ETB effects and enchantments aren't usually a problem for this deck, but when they are, here's the answer.

Darkness: Buys a turn against an array of aggro decks.

Dispel-To counter counterspells aimed at your combo pieces from ETB.

Geth's Verdict- Loose removal, it gets around Hexproof and shroud creatures. More importantly, a win trigger.

Shred Memory- Graveyard hate for those pesky Flashback cards and Reanimator Decks; and another transmute card.

Void Snare: Opponent managed to sideboard and play Leyline of Sanctity, Pithing Needle, or some other BS, turn one? Send it back to their hand, then hate the hell out of it, so you aren't shut down for the game.

The deck price as of 8/17 is around $255. I've taken the extra time to include a casual, budget-friendly version, for a fraction of the price.

The budget version is not meant to be competitive. It's meant to be more casual-friendly as a lot of people don't play tournaments; let alone with a homebrew deck.

I took out the fetch and pain lands as they are nearly $3-$20 a pop, and replaced those with basics and cheaper slow lands. This should only slow the deck down a turn or two, which is still great for a casual game.

I also took out Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek for Distress and Despise.

I did not include the sideboard in the budget. Many of the cards are very affordable in the SB, with perhaps the exception of Surgical Extraction, which isn't really needed for casual play.

2x Apostle's Blessing
4x Dimir Guildgate
2x Dimir Infiltrator
4x Dismal Backwater
4x Despise
4x Duress
4x Duskmantle Guildmage
4x Distress
2x Gut Shot
4x Island
4x Mindcrank
4x Muddle the Mixture
2x Psychic Barrier
2x Shred Memory
4x Swamp
4x Temple of Deceit
4x Turn Aside
2x Vapor Snag

Like this deck? Then please the card below!

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Updates Add

After some vigorous playtesting, the deck was misfiring/drawing badly an awful lot. So, I reviewed previous versions of this deck and went back to its roots. Somewhere between v1.2 and 2.6, I had this deck pretty good. Plus the experience.of playing this the past few years, has given me some insight to what the deck's speed and flavor is.

Therefore, I toned down the hand hate, added some more transmute, and dropped in the nostalgic 4x Fog Bank from v1.0, for some game length.

**Big shout outs to my recent upvotes and feedback participants!!

Go forth and conquer!!

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