tfw ur an oozing broodmother and u wont let other people have fun

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS, BIRTHING POD IS BACK IN STANDARD. I'm excited enough about it that I'm ditching my Commander-Only-Lifestyle to build me some 60-card. What do y'all think?

Making heavy use of discard ( Thought Erasure , Psychic Symbiont ) with this build in an attempt to abuse Fell Specter

Merfolk Branchwalker and Jadelight Ranger can help pull Prime Speaker Zannifar out quicker, and Skalla Wolf can help with that, too, in a pinch

Also using the sac engine in conjunction with Surveil to fuel Lotleth Giant

Does it need Guardian's Plan? Am I missing any big ETB/LTB bombs? How do I Build a Better Sideboard(TM)?


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