Want to get into modern, but you can't because it costs so much? I present to you, the easiest way to get competitive in modern without destroying your wallet!

Monastery Swiftspear is probably the best creature in our deck. You can play and attack with it in the same turn. If you really need a creature because your first one was killed, this is the best card to topdeck.

Kiln Fiend is a bit slower, but is still great for closing out the game, if you maybe didn't have a great draw. Getting +3/+0 for each spell is great for winning the game.

Blistercoil Weird isn't great, it's basically a 1/1 prowess for one, with the extra untap bonus. It is still strong though, because it only costs one mana.

Brute Force is a solid +3/+3 for 1 mana. The best pump spell in our deck.

Titan's Strength isn't quite as good, but it lets us scry 1, so it's a good upkeep play to set up your draw.

Mutagenic Growth will only be played for two life, but when it is played, you get +2/+2 for essentially nothing.

Apostle's Blessing keeps our creatures safe and unblockable. You play it for one mana, and it almost always lets you get your attacker through, while also giving it protection from some sort of removal spell.

Assault Strobe gives the biggest creature double strike, and it turns a 10/10 into leathal.

Temur Battle Rage does the same at one more mana, but is instant speed and also gives the creature trample, if they would otherwise just chump.

Desperate Ritual is a strictly better version of Pyretic Ritual, because of the splice effect. They both do essentially the same thing however, turning two mana into three, usually on the second turn of the game. They help us ramp up enough so that we can have that one extra crucial mana.

Best possible outcome:

Turn 1: Mountain, Monastery Swiftspear then attack for 1.

Turn 2: Mountain, then either Pyretic Ritual or Desperate Ritual. Play two of either Brute Force or Titan's Strength, play Assault Strobe, and attack with a 11/11 double strike, on turn 2.

You win!

Young Pyromancer is good against super removal-heavy decks, so if they keep killing everything, you can win with the alternate go-wide strategy.

Lightning Bolt is obvious. It doesn't fit in the main deck, so having it in the sideboard is a must, as it takes care of a lot of things really quick

Smash to Smithereens is good against any sort of artifact deck, getting rid of any pesky artifact, and dealing three damage.

Gut Shot can be played for free, and it kills any pesky chump blockers or anything with one toughness that would stand in our way.

Anger of the Gods is a one of, and is only decent in some sort of flood the board tactic. It is okay, because it exiles a lot of creatures that we don't own, and can get us to the win point.

Note that every card in the sideboard triggers prowess and Young Pyromancer.

This deck is really quick, and really cheap for how good it actually is. It's a fun deck to use, and if you want to do modern format but have no money, this is a great way to do it.

Cards I've considered:

Manamorphose isn't quite as good as the ritual effects, because the real goal is to get three mana on turn two. Manamorphose doesn't really do a good job of that as a pump spell.

Akroan Crusader vs Young Pyromancer. Young pyromancer, while one more mana, is still better because instead of having to target Akroan Crusader with a spell to get it to trigger, Young Pyromancer triggers no matter what the target is.

Thanks for checking out my deck, be sure to upvote it!


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