I mean read the name... You create infinite slivers. In, like, a whole bunch of different ways. And then you kill everyone. Or sometimes just making them kills everyone. Who knows, it doesn't matter. INFINITE SLIVERS WILL CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES!


I have been considering cutting Eternal Witness and Mana Echoes to allow us to play Jegantha, the Wellspring simply because it would be the only change we would need to make to run it and having that extra fixing available if needed every game could be great. It would also free up a slot in the deck that I would most likely use to slot in a Fierce Guardianship of Flusterstorm which would be a nice include and maybe Hivestone or Wargate to either have more of a chance to give Jegantha, the Wellspring and Zur the Enchanter haste/protection or have another tutor respectively.

However, there are two factors holding me back. First is the fact that Mana Echoes is just a very good card here. It combos with Sliver Queen all on it's own and is a classic (and fairly fast) win that can be difficult to interact with for many players unless they can counter it or get it with something that has split second. As long as you have your other pieces in play it is very likely that you win the turn you cast this. That being said it still needs a haste enabler/Impact Tremors style effect to win you the game on the spot, costs 4 mana which both makes it higher CmC than a lot of the pieces for our other combos and means Zur the Enchanter can't fetch for him, and has double red pips in a deck where fixing is one of our top priorities. Second (and probably a larger part of the reason I am hesitant to make the cut) is simply that Jegantha, the Wellspring seems unreliable without a way to consistently give it haste. It's just too easy to remove before it is useful in this deck unless you have Lightning Greaves in play which makes it very unreliable. Also, as it costs 5 to cast, it is filtering rather than ramping you on the turn you cast it so it seems like you could just run something like Cascading Cataracts for a similar effect with a much smaller change of getting blown out. Furthermore, in this deck we really just care about it's fixing ability, ramping by 5 on turn 5 and not being able to use that mana for a turn is just not what this deck want's to do, it's just too slow even compared to some of our other slow/vulnerable ramp like Bloom Tender.

For me, right now, it does not seem worth it to cut Mana Echoes for Jegantha, the Wellspring for the reasons stated above. However, this could mean I'm leaving value laying on the table foolishly so I could change my mind if it looks like a better idea down the line. However if you like this deck I encourage you to try it out if the change interests you and let me know how it goes, I'd love to hear!


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