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OOOJJUUUUTTAI!!!! (Breaking Standard)

Standard Competitive Control




If your a control player at heart, this deck is built for you. Standard is so diverse as of right now with many great decks. Hopefully this deck can win some FNM or some bigger tourneys for you. Brief breakdown of the deck

Omenspeaker Raise the Alarm early defense against agro decks

Spear of Heliod the reason why I chose this spear is because of Citadel Seige your gonna control which creature you want to destroy as the siege taps down the one that's are the bigger threats to give you time. Giving all my creaures +1+1, helps the devotion for Heliod, God of the Sun

Banishing Light take care of permanents that you don't counter mostly non creature permanents if possible if not hit a creature.

Citadel Siege this one is tricky If you drop it turn 4 against an agro deck choose dragon to stall out for the end hostility. You will see it shine the most after a board wipe for whatever creature they put in play you lock it down, draw it late and start making your tokens/ creatures bigger to close out the game. If you play against control then choose Khans to beef up your 2 or 3 drops for the early pressure

Heliod, God of the Sun this god is amazing in this deck as one of your win conditions. Pump out tokens or beat down with him as end hostilites does not effect him.Heliod, God of the Sun+Dragonlord Ojutai is probably my favorite combo is this deck. Hexproof Vigilance is pretty good in my opinion.

Dragonlord Ojutai this dragon as we know it is awesome I chose to have one in this deck due to the legend rule. But if you want two it will be fine as well. Its your preference

Sunscorch Regent This is my favorite out of all the dragons sad to say but its true. It puts your opponent in a bind . I find him the best against red decks due to the fact that he Is out of burn reach and gains you life.

End Hostilities well it pretty much speaks for its self

Elspeth, Sun's Champion another win con with the spear online pumping out 2/2 tokens

Counter magic is for protection I try not to counter creature spells unless I have too You got End Hostilities andCitadel Siege to take care of the creatures

Flooded Strand i play two only as I scry somewhat a lot in this deck so i can get through my deck and keep its order. I try not to search my deck unless I know i Scry one of my win cons to the bottom early so i can reshuffle and possibly draw it.. But its up to you.


Frost Walker this guy is brought in against control decks and will give you the one of the best chance to win early as we know control has a slow start so turn 2 means 5 turn clock

Monastery Mentor is also brought in against control pump out an army as we counter their spells

Aegis of the God the idea behind him is to negate Thoughtseize Duress Foul Tongue buy you time, at least that's what I had in mind.

Ojutai's Command act as a draw or reanimate Frost Walker from graveyard or whatever mode you choose is fine.

Sideboard is really about your meta so you can change what it is need to fit your meta.

Maybe Sideboard

Clever Impersonator I really like this card as it can give me an extra Banishing light, Citadel Siege or anything that my opononent might put into play this card is really under the radar for standard. It could be awesome against a mirror match because if your opponent puts down a bomb you get one as well!!! those are my thoughts on this awesome card.

As you can see mainboard is against agro midrange decks and sideboard is against control decks.Hopefully this deck puts up some good results for you. Let me know how you did at a FNM. I am always up for suggestions.. Thanks for your time. Have fun and good luck!!


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