This is a fun little 'tribal' deck. If you hadn't noticed, I restriced the deck to only include cards with one word in their title. Including lands.

This deck isn't very functional, but it's been a fun deck building experience for me.

If you enjoy this deck, also check out my other one-word tribal deck with Phelddagrif at the helm.

One-Word Tribal with Phelddagrif

Commander / EDH* austintayshus


See the original text of this decklist below.

A few months ago, I had the craziest idea...

And now, my idea has been realized. I made a commander deck using only cards with one word in their title...


Let's start off by acknowledging that this is barely a deck. Yes it has 100 cards, one of which is a legendary creature who defines the deck's color identity, but I pity the fool who would even consider playing this deck.

The biggest disadvantage of this deck is its mana base. There are a few one-word lands, but I didn't include any of them because I am still trying to pick a commander. I've made Progenitus my honorary commander because Progy was the first mythic rare I ever opened. I had lost interest in MTG for a few years and bought some Alara packs on a whim. Imagine my surprise when I saw this orange-gold set symbol, a very specific casting cost and 'Protection from Everything'.

So being that my mana base is so restricted, Progenitus is actually a terrible choice for commander. Based on my limitations, I have a very small pool of possible commanders to choose from.

So, what are the other one-word commanders I could run instead?

Cromat : Certainly easier to cast than Progenitus. And his multiple abilities would give me flexibility when attacking/blocking with Cromat. Might be a good choice?

Atogatog : 5 colors is nice but there's only 12 atogs INCLUDING Atogatog, so that's pretty limited. Each atog is a one-word card, but still not enough to make Atogatog my commander.

Johan : Naya would be a good color combo for this tribe, and the team vigilance could also be good with the right assortment of creatures. Might change this to a beast deck, as there are a lot of good beasts with weird, one-word names.

Halfdane : Certainly a strange ability that could work well with the right meta.

Chandler : No.

Gallowbraid : Also no.

Morinfen : Stop.


Griselbrand : Banned.

Chromium : Chromy could be fun, but it's just too expensive to cast.

Borborygmos : Two-colors is probably ideal for this strategy since I'm basically limited to basic lands, might give the commander slot to Borborygmos.

Kaysa : I'm worried that a mono-colored commander will be too restrictive for this deck, but Kaysa is the best mono-colored option I've seen so far.

Memnarch : Forget what I just wrote, Memnarch is probably a better one-color option.

Nebuchadnezzar : Looks fun, but I don't think Neby does enough.

Phelddagrif : Bant is probably the optimal color combo for this deck, Phelddagrif might be worth looking into. Most people would expect a group hug strat from a Phelddagrif deck, but I bet they won't expect utter jank garbage!


Stangg : Well, it looks like fun but like... what's the strategy here?

Thraximundar : This could be a fun commander. Since I'm so limited by my one-word jank strategy, it'd be nice to have a commander that synergizes with himself. Thrax is a possibility.

Tromokratis : I like effects that make all of defending players creatures block a particular creature. Tromokratis gives opponents the choice to block with all of their creatures, so it's not quite as good, but it's still an 8/8 for 7, so that's pretty good? Also, as my commander I would only have access to blue. Probably not a good commander.

One last feature of this deck is the split cards. I'm running a few splits of all varieties because of the options they present me. If I am going to be so incredibly restricted by (a) number of words in the title and (b) very poor mana base, I need as much help as I can get when it comes to casting spells. The split cards will give me some options. I'd like to include as many split cards that require different colors of mana as possible. Please don't tell me that split cards do not count as 'one-word' cards. They do. Each half of the split card is a different card. This deck was hard enough to build.

So, this is the deck so far. I'd like to pick a different commander so that I can start building a deck with a cohesive strategy. As it stands, I have no idea what kind of deck this wants to be.

If you have any suggestions for cards, commanders or strategies, let me know in the comments below.


Updates Add

Thraximundar has been chosen to lead this deck to... probably not victory. Thanks to user: hkhssweiss for the suggestion!

Commander used to be Progenitus for sentimental reasons. Also, Progenitus allowed me to consider one-word cards in all colors. Strangely enough, I've had to take a instant/sorcery approach to this Thraximundar deck, as a lot of the good one-word cards tend to be instant and sorcery cards. That may be why about half the deck is blue.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve this deck, thanks!


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