This is my personal take on an Omnath EDH deck. Overall it comes in at a pretty low price, so it is a great budget option. I use it primarily for casual play with my friends, but it performs pretty well: last night I one-shot three opponents in a single turn with an attack phase, Soulblast, and then the third with Omnath's elemental death trigger.

The primary strategy for this deck is ramping to Omnath, and then generating as many elemental tokens as possible, then promptly wiping my own field after attacking to kill at least two people at once, like the example mentioned above.

The secondary (and funnier, if you ask me) strategy is using Hostility. While Omnath and Hostility are out, throw something like Devil's Play for 14 damage at an opponent's face. Hostility prevents the damage, generates 14 3/1 elementals with haste. Attack with these: if they hit the opponent, that's 42 (lethal). If they get blocked and die, Omnath does the same amount to anything (lethal).

If you want a competitive budget Omnath deck, this won't be your best choice (a few tweaks could fix that up though), but if you're looking to have a blast, this deck is made for you.

Key Cards:

Omnath, Locus of Rage

Sac Outlet (Greater Good, etc.)

Land Spells (Collective Voyage, etc.)

Where Ancients Tread/Warstorm Surge

Spell Win-cons:

Blasphemous Act

Chain Reaction




Right now I'm trying to make the deck more efficient and faster, because right now I become a big target and get a Cyclonic Rift or Terminus to the face so I have to start over.

I'm always open to suggestions, so let me know what you think!




ZM4C says... #2

Thanks a lot! I appreciate the help. I'll give 'em he'll, don't worry!

September 23, 2017 2:24 p.m.

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