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That's.. One Right Way to Win the Wrong Way

Modern Casual Theme/Gimmick


"His mind whirled with grand plans, never thinking of what might happen if he were to succeed."- Laboratory Maniac, artwork by Jason Felix

It is recommended that you start the game with a Surgical Extraction in your opening hand.. This sounds improbable. However, at a 44% chance of a T1 Extraction, it's not statistically absurd.

A mulligan will result in a 35% chance of a Surgical Extraction and a turn behind discarding your Rats. Therefore, not advised.

Now, the following steps can possibly be done your first turn, but the draw probability is.. Uh.. astronomical, and not worth the percentage calculation.. But here's the hand that'll do it:
2x Simian Spirit Guide
2x Surgical Extraction
Laboratory Maniac
Rat Colony

Give your opponent first turn.

T1: Draw. End turn. Your hand has 8 cards; discard a Rat Colony.

Then, pay 2 life for Surgical Extraction's to remove the other 50-ish Rats from the deck.

Now you have 0-3 cards in hand, and 3-7 cards in your library.

Whenever possible, (while drawing out the rest of the cards), use another Surgical Extraction to remove the other 2 Surgical Extractions in the deck.

Now all you have left are the cards to win!

Play Laboratory Maniac with the island drop and the exile of 2x Simian Spirit Guides. These 4 cards can all be played in one turn.

Wait to "draw" and win.

Note: This deck can also be built with Relentless Rats, or Shadowborn Apostle as the Extraction creature base. I used Rat Colony as it's only 75ยข per card.

Find this amusing? Leave some feedback, then the card below to lemme know it tickled your funny bone!

Play hard, friends!

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