... When the moon shines, terrors unravel in the veil of night...

The howls echo through the wilds. You feel the pull of an inner savagery, a form true to nature.... Howl with your newfound strength, and call upon spirits of old, ancient relics and blind rage to evade their silver armings. For tonight there will be no trumpets of victory, only The Moonlight Serenade...

---C L A S S I F I E D---

The one drop list consists of only two different wolves: Wolfbitten Captive   and Village Messenger  , with the latter suiting our swift gameplan better. Nevertheless i face many opponents who tend to drag out games and manasinks can help win those.

The two-drop-slot is rather light for werewolves, but the few we got include Mayor of Avabruck  , which is an absolute allstar on both sides, and Duskwatch Recruiter  . Duskwatch isnt the most impressive on either sides, but again have some sort of draw in the extended matches is decent.

Three-drops is a heavily competed spot on the curve. It is the most crowded slot for creatures, which might weaken the aggro-feel but compliments my love and inclusion for CoCo Collected Company . Immerwolf : Always-wolf, helps buff wolves and keep their power! (always transformed). Some might argue that the synergy with huntmaster is poor but both is really strong so i dont see any signifigant downside in including both. Kruin Outlaw  : One of our weaker humans and feels very clunky to put out, but that is to pay for the absolute BEAST she transforms into: Terror of Kruin Pass . Blood is being shed by those hands. Geier Reach Bandit  : A werewolf with a nice utility ability. Its quite inconsistent in my opinion and is therefore only a 1-of for the time being. Silverfur Partisan : In a similar way to kruin outlaw this doesnt feel the best to be dropping. You dont really feel the impact, but then again against most of my oponents he really does some work, theyve confirmed it. This is probably the first creature you could be looking to switch out depending on your foes.

As curvetoppers we have got the legendary Huntmaster of the Fells  . Revered by many as the best werewolf ever, for his abilities on both sides Ravager of the Fells which encourage him to switch and in doing so negating much of werewolves weaknesses. Applications even outside pure tribal also fostered his wide reputation.

Then equally as important, if not more, as huntmaster we have Collected Company . Helps refuel the boardstate in longer games (again, maybe you see a pattern). More importantly though, CoCo shines in werewolves because it is an instant. This means you can pass your turn for your team to transform, then CoCo in the rest of the pack on opponents end step. |||Creature count for CoCo: 26|||


Silverfur Partisan : A relatively slow creature for this mainly aggro-build. Provides some form of protection (Beware for his work is that of the shadows, you don't know how much he protects until you see it from the enemies shoes). Easy to switch out in many matchups

Moonmist : See silverfur partisan. In matchups where he shines moonmist often does not. Weaker against creature-light builds, but a transform by force is never terrible.

Remember when sideboarding that Collected Company needs a certain number of creatures (23-24 is pushing it low) to be effective, and so manage carefully.


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