Trying my hand at Little Kid/Wilted Abzan. This list is mostly based on Jacob Wilson's Pro Tour Fate Reforged deck. I changed some things based on personal flavor and card availability.

Two copies of Thoughtseize in the main board alongside the set of Path to Exile and three Abrupt Decay. This feels great in this deck. Answers for lots of things.

The full four Lingering Souls seems like where we need to be. It is never a feel bad.

Only two Siege Rhino I'm not sure about. It is at the top of the curve but it is so impactful when it hits.

I love Kitchen Finks, it's one of my favorite cards so I'm pretty set on it's inclusion. It's just so good.

Voice of Resurgence is really good so I am including a full four.

Wilt-Leaf Liege comes up huge and turns on the whole deck. Preboard everything gets a double pump. Loxodon Smiter is a great beater and his other abilities are just icing, including the shared ability with Wilt-Leaf Liege. These are both three of, due to the conditionality of their hate abilities.

As for Mana dorks, I think eight is exactly what you need. Four Noble Hierarch and four Birds of Paradise. Nothing to be said about those cats.

Right now I'm just working with what lands I have. Any recommendations as to which direction I may want to go would be greatly appreciated. The biggest issue here is the deficiency of Gavony Township. I still need two more, for which I will replace both Concealed Courtyard.

I'm thinking about trying out Anafenza, the Foremost in the place of Loxodon Smiter. It's either graveyard hate or discard hate. I guess it's a Meta call. I think her ability to put counters on my other creatures could be really valuable, probably the best reason to run her. She resets Kitchen Finks and makes Birds of Paradise big.


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