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One hell of an acid trip!

Modern Aggro Combo Mono-Blue Tribal


Twist on Illusion tribal using Reality Acid and bounce effects!

Any recommendations are welcome, as always!

An illusion tribal deck utilizing Reality Acid as the main win-con, with illusion tribal as the secondary win-con in the case of encountering hexproof/shroud or creatures with protection.

You see, when Reality Acid enters play, it gains 3 vanishing counters, and one is removed every turn and when the last is removed the permanent is destroyed when Reality Acid is sacrificed. This can be expedited by bouncing it, as when Reality Acid is removed from play, the permanent is ALSO destroyed.

I can use Dream Stalker to either save a creature I have out (There's some possible shenanigans with flashing it out with Aether Vial) or bounce Reality Acid back to my hand.

I can also bounce Reality Acid or Dream Stalkerwith;

Overall, this allows me to establish board control and sweep with pumped illusions!


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