A very responsive Sephara, Sky's Blade. Always wanted to play an Angel deck that had both Teeth & Reflexes. Prepare yourselves... for the Ride! ;) *Proud to add that this list existed 3 days after the spoiler, prior to EDHrec builds (thanks to 2 friends in Meta for additions).

July 1st: Divine Visitation + Bishop of Wings + Sac outlet (ex. Martyr's Cause ) = Infinite (life + Sac effect) Same, without the life, for Requiem Angel

Not sure if Cathars' Crusade would do a better job than the replacement of Visitation though... will test. Also, Entreat (which I see as 'bad' if drawn by the extra Draws in the deck) VS Storm Herd is in contestment (Finale is always good in my opinion though). *A note on Divine Reckoning : Nothing feels quite so bad as leaving alive a 49/49 Ob Nixilis, Unshackled ... then having that player slap a Loxodon Warhammer on it the next turn (or any key combo creature for that matter). (yeah, not a great "wipe")

Non-bos here: Angel of Jubilation stops Martyr's Cause , The Immortal Sun stops Elspeth, Sun's Champion & Spirit Bonds + Divine Visitation (nulling the protection); all are worth playing around.


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