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Omnath, Locus of Raves *Tribal Build

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Time to R A V E! Welcome to the ultimate Rave. Your host today is...

Omnath, Locus of Raves

Before we go in depth

Big thanks to... Show

Time to get your rave on!!!

Omnath, Locus of Raves has entered the fray!!! With his brutal DJ skills, and his wild lasers are going wild on the battlefield!!! Don’t even mention his 5/5 elemental breakdancers. Welcome to the Rave!

This deck is an Omnath tribal deck, with a fun little Altered Omnath. This deck is elemental tribal, and can also be classified as lands, token, gruul, and burn (yes, BURN!). That concludes the quick information.

Time to go deeper..

Omnath’s First ability, his landfall trigger, allows him to generate 5/5 elemental tokens. These tokens can smash your opponents, chump block, trade, and be sacrificed. Some combos with this ability and the second ability is with the enchantment Perilous Forays. To see how this combo works, go down to “Combos”.
Omnath’s second ability is a burn-like ability. It is a death trigger, meaning it triggers when a creatures dies. This death trigger triggers when an elemental you control dies. This ability is a burn-like ability, meaning it causes an opponent to lose life, or deals damage to a target. One example of a burn spell would be Lightning Bolt.
It’s time to get serious, because we’re...

3nt3ring Th3 [email protected] Light Z0n3 >:V

You can’t play cards from your hand if there are no cards in your hand. You need draw engines and draw spells to keep your hand flowing with cards.
At least a pinch of removal and at least one boardwipe-like card is required in a good deck (in my opinion)
This deck has some token mechanics, with the landfall trigger and elemental tokens that will die on end step, triggering Omnath. Tokens can be used as chump-blockers, Or just cards that rush your opponents.
This is not an aggro deck, or a quick infinite combo or instant win deck like Flash Hulk (now banned ;-;, R.I.P flash hulk, one of my favorite decks >:V). That means we need to get ahead on our mana source and smash our opponents below us. Ramp is the best way to do that.
Tutors are good to have, because they find you combo pieces, search for lifesaving cards, and they can find just the big boi powerhouse you need, when you need it!
elemental cards are obviously required in a elemental tribal. They cause triggers, can get buffed by tribal cards, and can combo with other elementals. Tribal cards are cards, such as Vanquisher's Banner, buff all of the chosen type (elemental), and causes a trigger, like it's ETB draw. There are also cards like Herald's Horn which can topdeck and lower the cost of your elementals.
I chose Omnath, Locus of Raves , because of how he can obviously be a great tribal commander, but there are other archetypes that he can play. Competitive, burn, budget, theme , token, and lands deck. He can also combo with cards like Perilous Forays(see combos). He is overall a high synergy commander, and running a fun little altered Omnath just makes this better.
Leave a +1 for the grind, for the elementals, and for more raves


What is a primer???? Show

This Primer will go through the strategy/ gameplan, what archetype, What event is it meant to be played at, gruul color combination pros and cons , win-con, a change log, and a call for feedback.
Welcome to the primer, where we will go through all things Rave.

This deck has many different mechanics and archetypes, but the main mechanicS/archetypeS is Elemental and tribal. The other archetypes and mechanics are tokens, theme, and lands. You can even classify it as a combo deck.
This deck is meant to be played at casual events, but with slight modifications, it can play at competitive events.

When is Early Game? Show

In early game, our goal is to get as much ahead as we can, and quickly cut down our opponents. We want to be the threat. Start the game of with some lands, mana rocks, mana dorks, or just ramp in general. Next thing you would want to do is start getting your combo pieces. Never rely on land drops to get Omnath out, ramp and ramp and keep on ramping. Once you have Omnath, it is time to get serious with your combos.

When is late game? Show

The threat is on the table (read the spoiler), and you have 2 scenarios. You are the threat, or one of your opponents is the threat. This Primer will go through both.

If you are the threat, you need to stay the threat. In a four player game, you must be prepared to start politicking. Since you are the threat, you will need to have people beside you, to make your job easier. Playing archenemy will not be easy. Start by helping people out like a friend. Remove something for them. Let them attack you for a damage trigger. Then, start convincing them to help you. At that point, it is a 2v2, which is quite an improvement from 1v3.
If you’re opponents the threat, try to rally your other opponents against that one threat. This will make them have to play archenemy. Try staying under the radar, and getting set up for an explosive turn that will end the game quickly. Once your opponents resources are depleted (which they will be from all the fighting), you strike them down. To see how, go to “Win-con, finish them!”. The win-con section will mainly go over what it was like if you had a teammate, but either way, it will help you know how to win.

Next thing you will need to do is start targeting one player. Cut down one of your opponents, and don’t stop there. Cut down your next opponent. Some ways to deplete there life total or bury them under value could be...

  1. Bury them under countless value, boosting you so far ahead in the game that they can’t keep up
  2. Smash them with 5/5 Omnath tokens.
  3. Go infinite with the new Infinite combo!! ! Go check out the changelog or the combo section to see it.

You will also want to insure that you stay alive while they are falling. Stop ramping, and start drawing cards. The more answers you draw into your hand, the better. Once 2 players are down, you can either kill your partner ruthlessly like how you killed your opponents, or you can lightly bury them under heavy value. Will you be ruthless? Or will you let them Rest In Peace for helping you win? That choice is yours, but if either way works, you’ll win!

Every color combination has a different name. Red and Green are quite the combo. Representing Gruul, which is also a guild of Ravnica. The Gruul combinations has many pros and cons. The green of gruul have some removal like Beast Within. They contain lots of ramp and big smash cards like Rampant Growth and Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Finally, green has many creature tutors, like the Green Sun's Zenith. Red on the other hand, gives you the advantage early game with Burn spells/ abilities to lower your opponents life total such as Lightning Bolt, cards that can help you by pumping your creatures such as Infuriate, and cards that give haste or let you get ahead in the game, like Fervor. There is one flaw that in some cases can be fatal. There are not many counterspells, of any. Counterspells like, well, Counterspell are usually blue.

What is a changelog? Show

First change! Mana Echoes was put in to replace Primal Vigor. Mana Echoes will allow Perilous Forays+Omnagh, Locus of Raves To go infinite (Infinite mana).

Feedback is appreciated. I am looking for feedback on new cards, cards that aren’t new, but very good, high synergy cards and combos you found in my deck I might not have known were there, etc.

Leave a +1 for a good primer, and if it helped you.

More decks please?

Why of course my friend!

Also... the two Omnaths in Sideboard are tokens


Updates Add

I have been informed by Mortlocke that mana echoes and perilous forays can actually fetch any card with a basic land type in it. Wow! Also, Mortlocke has also informed me that Omnath will burn your opponents for each time an elemental dies. That will be a lot of damage and death triggers when I get the combo down and elementals start to explode in my opponents face


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