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Omnath: Locus of landfall & combos

Commander / EDH* Combo RG (Gruul) Tokens Tribal



First commander deck I've put together, it evolved from my rubbish BoZ standard deck. Im quite happy with it and it has killed off mulitple people when it gets chance to get going around 7 to 9 lands or essentially when Omnath hits the board.

Omnath + lands + some of the enchantments + some elementals = madness/fun/death to my enemies/friends.

I have lots of maybe cards I've swapped about, I'm wondering how to make it more efficient.

Should I swap ramp spells for more creatures which bring lands to the field?

Are some of the lower CMC creatures replacable? Dragonmaster Outcast

Have I got too many high cost spells and creatures?

How many Nissa's is too many Nissa's?

It feels like there a lots of directions to take the deck which is exciting but also daunting.


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