A first crack at Atla Palani, Nest Tender . Mayael the Anima was my first ever commander deck and when I saw Atla and how closely she resembles Mayael, I knew I needed to try to rebuild the deck. The deck breakdown is as follows

Atla is very much like Mayael the Anima in that she allows you to play creatures off of the top of your library. I have built this deck to play with that strategy in mind. However, Atla has none of the drawbacks which Mayael faces. Where the latter can miss on occasion, the former will always hit paydirt and can be activated faster.

Mayael the Anima is still included in the deck as a back up in case Atla becomes too expensive to cast.

The primary game plan of this deck is to cheat out large creatures by cracking a few Eggs. Once those Egg tokens die, they hatch into whatever creature card is lying nearest to the top of the library.

The key to success with this deck is to control the top deck so that whatever creature graces the battlefield next has optimal impact. Sensei's Divining Top and Mirri's Guile allow for optimal top deck sculpting. Once the correct creature is on top, controlling when the Egg dies is the next step. Sac outlets like Ashnod's Altar , Goblin Bombardment , and Greater Good give us that control.

Because we are certain to always hit, all of our creatures need to be impactful. I won't spend much time discussing the big beefy creatures included here as they kind of speak for themselves, but note that the deck runs 20 possible hits for Mayael the Anima if she is needed. Instead, I will discuss some utility creatures:

Aurelia, the Warleader - Provides multiple combat steps to ensure the game ends

Anger and Urabrask the Hidden - makes sure that all of our creatures enter with haste.

Nesting Dragon - This dragon provides an additional Egg source for more triggers.

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre serves as a reset button. Since this deck is mostly playing off the library top and the not hand, shuffling everything back into the library vs. the hand is a nice bonus.

Listed below are a few cards which help provide additional utility and consistency to the deck:

Lurking Predators - Another way to get creatures directly onto the battlefield. With all of the top deck manipulation in this deck, this enchantment should regularly hit. Otherwise we get a nice scry effect.

Noxious Revival and Reclaim put a deceased creature back on top of the library to be cheated into play.

Congregation at Dawn and Worldly Tutor find necessary creatures to put on top of the library.

One card that I am particularly excited to try out is Penance . There are a lot of high cmc creatures in this deck and at times they may get stranded in hand. Penance provides an instant speed way to place one of those creatures on top of the library when an Egg dies. It also has an added benefit of stopping damage from a red/black source.

Warstorm Surge provides an additional damage source that doesn't require attacking.

Seedborn Muse provides untaps for additional activation of Atla's ability.

There are 3 main combos in this deck:

Thornbite Staff Combo

Whenever an Egg (or any creature for that matter) dies, the Staff will untap Atla. As a bonus, Atla is a shaman which means the staff will automatically attach to her when she enters the battlefield.

At this point Marauding Raptor and Ashnod's Altar get spicey. Marauding Raptor deals 2 damage to the Egg as it enters, killing it, which untaps Atla allowing for another activation as long as mana is available.

The real game finisher though is Ashnod's Altar + Thornbite Staff + Atla Palani, Nest Tender . These three cards allow for infinite triggers until every creature in the deck is on the battlefield.

Polyraptor Combo

This combo involves Polyraptor + Marauding Raptor + a sac outlet. Note that you must have a sac outlet in play for this to not immediately draw the game. If Polyraptor enters the battlefield while Maruading Raptor is in play, it will take 2 damage. This will trigger Polyraptor to make a clone, which will then take 2 damage. This process will repeat itself infinitely unless you stop it with a sac outlet, instant speed removal, or have Warstorm Surge on the battlefield to kill off all opponents.

Goblin Bombardment Combo

This requires Warstorm Surge + Polyraptor + Goblin Bombardment + an additional creature. Once all 4 are in play, sacrifice the extra creature to Goblin Bombardment and target Polyraptor . The raptor will clone itself and trigger Warstorm Surge . Then sac the original Polyraptor to Goblin Bombardment targeting the clone and then repeat the process.

This deck is a work in progress so any suggestions will be considered and greatly appreciated! And please +1 if you like the deck. Bonus points if you get the title reference.


Updates Add

After some more thought and input from other folks I made a few updates:

It That Betrays out for Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre - This was more just a quality of life fix for the deck. It That Betrays is a fine magic card, but Ulamog provides the ability to shuffle my graveyard back into my library should something go terribly wrong while activating my combos.

Ogre Battledriver out for Anger - This isn't a huge change when comboing off, but at other times Anger will ensure haste more consistently than the Ogre since my creatures will always have haste. There is a chance that the Ogre will come down too late to hasten the rest of my creatures.

Stonehoof Chieftain out for Polyraptor - The Chieftain is pretty much just a big dumb beater in this deck. Many of my creatures already have trample or flying and I have better options that can provide indestructibility. The Polyraptor opens up a few more avenues to victory.

Temple of the False God out for Recross the Paths - Temple isn't really a land so I don't feel bad cutting it here for a ramp spell. I am interested to see how Recross the Paths fairs in this deck. Cultivate would've been the safe pick, but with the high CMC of this deck, Recross the Paths has a much higher ceiling. It also can hit any land.

On the chopping block: Mayael the Anima . She is just inferior to Atla in every way and she seemed to be just excess goods in early play testing. I also don't run quite enough 5+ power creatures for her to consistently hit. I think I will replace her with Riftsweeper or another utility creature.



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